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50 Years on the Bodhisattva Path 《行願半世紀》英文版

50 Years on the Bodhisattva Path 《行願半世紀》英文版


作者:潘煊 ( Pan Xuan )
譯者:Dharma as Water Team, Tzu Chi USA
出版社:慈濟人文出版社 Tzu Chi Publishing Co.
出版日期:2019 年 09 月

  • About the Author

    Born in a small town in Puli, after graduating from the Chinese language department, Pan Xuan worked in editorial and compilation work in various magazines and news media.


    Over many years, she had the opportunity to write about people and ideals in Buddhism, spreading stories of deeds of beauty and goodness among people.


    Pan’s work includes, Compassion in the World: Disaster Relief in Nepal, 50 Years on the Bodhisattva Path, The Spiritual Home: A Tour Around the Jing Si Abode, Buddha-land in the World: A Story of Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, Seeing the Buddha in the World: The

    Story of Dharma Master Yin Shun, A Profile of Dharma: A Hundred Years of Dharma Master Yin Shun, Slow Practice in Listening to Samadhi: Yin Qi Seeks the Dharma and Master Sheng Yen Answers,


    Dharma Master Sheng Yen: The Most Precious Role Model, Dharma Master Cheng Yen: A Perfect Translucent Sphere of Crystal, Faith in Reading: Stories from 25 Years of Tian Xia Publications, and more.

  • Introduction

    Tzu Chi Merit Association, founded in 1966, is the starting point of Tzu Chi’s charity work. With the vision and mission of “for Buddha’s teachings, for sentient beings,” Dharma Master Cheng Yen resolutely led Tzu Chi volunteers to serve society. They give with loving-kindness without regrets, compassion without resentment, joy without worries, and equanimity without expectations.


    The development of Tzu Chi over the last fifty years embodies a model of charity work in Buddhism. Master Cheng Yen encourages her disciples to persist diligently to walk the Bodhisattva-path, take the Buddha’s heart as their own with gratitude for everything, take their teacher’s mission as their own, and help all sentient beings. Saving the world begins with saving people’s hearts. When we light the lamp in our own hearts, we can gather the power of great love from many people and bring infinite light to the world, leading to many fifty years to come.

  • 作者介紹






    著有《慈悲在人間:走過尼泊爾震災之路》、《行願半世紀:證嚴法師與慈濟》、《心靈的故鄉:靜思精舍巡禮》、《人間佛國:佛光山佛陀紀念館紀事》、《看見佛陀在人間:印順導師傳》、《法影一世紀:印順導師百歲》、《慢行聽禪:殷琪問法 聖嚴解惑》、《聖嚴法師:最珍貴的身教》、《證嚴法師:琉璃同心圓》、《相信閱讀:天下文化25年的故事》等書。

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