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大靜思燭 ( 黃色、8入 )

大靜思燭 ( 黃色、8入 )



規格:4 * 5 (cm) / 個

  • 商品介紹:

    淨重: 520 公克 / 8 入


    靜思燭 不落淚的蠟燭








    假如一支蠟燭只是放在黑暗中,周圍還是同樣黑暗;要是把它點燃了,就能照亮世界,造福人群。- 證嚴上人靜思語













    起身看著佛桌上的蠟燭,燃燒自己、照亮別人,給 上人很大的體悟。







    Jing Si Tearless Candles


    “Life is like a candle. With an unlit candle, the surrounding environment remains in darkness. Once it is lit, it illuminates everything around it.” - Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorism


    The Jing Si candle's origin goes back to Master Cheng Yen's early cultivation period when she lit a candle to make an offering to the Buddha and the melted wax dripped onto the table. This wax that dripped was wasted and was hard to clean. She began to consider how to make a candle that uses all of the wax and does not have a smoky odor when lit. With the thought of cherishing the material in mind, she began the development process for this candle.


    At first, they tried pouring melted wax into cups, but once cooled, they couldn’t remove the candle from the mold. Next, they tried pouring wax into paper cones made of cardboard. But on removing the candle from the mold, the surface was uneven and unsuitable as an offering for the Buddha. They even cut bamboo to use as a mold. But once removed from the bamboo mold, the candles appeared rough and had air bubbles.


    In 1981, Master Cheng Yen used empty Yakult bottles as molds with incense sticks as wicks. After cooling, the candles were removed and wrapped in clear plastic paper to create the Jing Si candle. The candle’s flame is steady and does not emit smoke. The wax burns completely and does not drip, leading to the name “Tearless Candles.”


    When Tzu Chi began its charity mission, life at the Jing Si Abode was very frugal. Facing financial difficulties, people could barely get by being frugal. But the real difficulties were in the frustrations and misunderstandings as Tzu Chi promoted its missions. Once, Master Cheng Yen was stricken by her heart disease; on top of that, she was also concerned about lay affairs. It was a real trial. But, when she got up and saw the candle on the altar illuminating her and the others, it enlightened her.


    The candle, when lit, not only brightens its surroundings, but also warms the heart. Master Cheng Yen encouragesTzu Chi volunteers that more people means more strength and more blessings. Even a large candle's lighthas its limits. Yet, one small candle can ignite thousands of candles that in turn light up tens of thousands of others and illuminate the world. As people's sincere love is inspired and the candle of life is lit, the suffering we endure and the pain in our hearts will be relieved, bringing warmth to the world.